Chapter Meeting 10/12/2016 – Microsoft Project Essentials (Full Day Training)

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Chapter Meeting 22/10/2016 – Let Us Play Scrum

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Chapter Meeting 24/09/2016 – Agile Project Management in Microsoft Project

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Chapter Meeting 20/08/2016 – Analyzing Financial Progress


Chapter Meeting 30/07/2016 – Deliver Exceptional Customer Service by Managing Projects Better.

Chapter Meeting 25/06/2016 – Measuring Project Progress

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Click here to watch the recorded event and the participant’s speech about the event.

Chapter Meeting 21/05/2016 – CRITICAL THINKING: The art of thinking clearly and rationally


Click the photograph above to watch the recorded event and the participant’s feedback about the event.

Chapter Meeting 23/04/2016 – Working with Views and Fine Tuning the Project

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Chapter Meeting 26/03/2016 – O365 Planner and Project Contest

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Chapter Meeting 27/02/2016 – Getting Started With Microsoft Project 2016

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Participant Speaks Mr. Balaraman V, SPI

I am really pleased to say today session driven by Mr.Suresh Kumar.S and Mr.Suresh Kumar.N was awesome !!! and terrific !!!. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned both basic and new features in ms project 2016. It was more collaborative so i got different ideas/information from participants.

Excellent presentation skills and courteous personality of both Suresh kumars has helped me to learn correctly and I would like to say MPUG Chennai chapter is best place for any one who liked to learn, grow and shine in future so I look forward to learn more.

Chapter Meeting 30/01/2016 – What’s New in Project 2016 and Time Management

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