Chapter Meeting 12/28/2013 – How Scheduling Works in MS Project 2010?

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Participant Speaks: Mr. Jogeshkumar Makwana, PMP

I attended MPUG Chennai India event “How Scheduling works in MS Project 2010” on Dec 28 2013. Event started with an introduction about “MPUG Chennai India” and then many scheduling benefits with Microsoft Project 2010 were discussed. Briefly, following benefits of scheduling were discussed:

  • How to enter project information including project start date and how it affects the schedule. By default the task entered will be set to this start date.
  • Auto scheduling Vs Manual scheduling (user controlled) options – Manual schedule gives full control to project managers. Can be useful during high level effort estimates. Useful for people with excel based planning.
  • How to utilize calendar functions and different types of calendars were discussed:
    • Base calendars – Standard,  24-Hours and Night Shift
    • Project calendars – Default work schedule for all tasks in a project (e.g. status holidays)
    • Resource calendars – Individual resource calendars based on the settings in the Standard calendar, but can be modified to indicate vacations.
    • Task calendars – customize the working times from the project calendar in a task calendar if you have tasks to be completed at different times
  • Priority of calendars in schedule ->Project Calendar -> Resource Calendar ->Task Calendar
  • How the different calendars affect the schedule was discussed and demonstrated.
  • Different options related to scheduling, calendars and calculations such as default task start time, end time, hours per day, default scheduling options (Manually/Auto), default task type (fixed units, fixed duration, fixed work) were demonstrated.
  • Avoiding the use of constrains in the schedule & using deadlines were discussed. A deadline is a target date (green downward arrow on the Gantt chart) indicating when you want a task to be completed.
Over 15 people attended this event with a mix audience ranging from students to experienced project managers. Presenter explained nicely with examples and demos. Considering the number of associations and groups I belong to, I would say MPUG Chennai Cahpter provides me with the great ROI when I consider the quality of the sessions and the materials available via the website and the newsletters. You and your team are doing an awesome job.

About Jogeshkumar Makwana, PMP®

Jogeshkumar Makwana, has 14+ years of rich experience in the IT industry in Project Management, System Analysis, Application Development and Team Management extensively in the area of Health Care and Medical imaging related software development. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), trained PMI-Agile certified professional and holds a master’s degree in Information Technology. He is also Microsoft Certified IT Professional – MCITP, MCTS in Project 2010 and an expert in consulting and implementing solutions based on Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) platform.

Chapter Meeting 11/30/2013 – Resource Optimization in MS Project

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Chapter Meeting 10/26/2013 – Reporting in MS Project

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Chapter Meeting 9/21/2013 – The Art of Tracking

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Chapter Meeting 8/24/2013 – Microsoft Project 2010 Essentials

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Chapter Meeting 7/27/2013 – Manage Agile Projects with Microsoft Project AND Save Time Using Macros in Microsoft Project

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Chapter Meeting 6/29/2013 – Manage Resources in MS Project 2010

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Chapter Meeting 5/18/2013 – Make Your Schedule Realistic By Using Calendars AND  Manage Your Team Work With Team Planner

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Chapter Meeting 4/27/2013 – Don’t Kill Your Schedule by Setting Dates

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